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Thanksgiving at the Dorm…alone Au


Liz nodded as he thanked her. She placed her foot before the door as she turned her body to reach the cabinet near her, where the towels are at. Reaching for whichever towel, she grabbed the closest and threw it towards him. The blonde didn’t noticed that she had given him her roommates towel, which she wouldn’t mind, but the towel was a hot pink with daises sprawled all over it. She wanted to let out a giggle but held it in. 

"So wadya want?" She asked bluntly again. She was still very confused on the thought of him standing by her door. She would have never thought of having guests over, especially today. Even though a little company on this lonely day was making her a bit happy in the inside, she really wanted to go finish her movie. Hopefully, this conversation wont be too long before she forgets the plot. 

Without even the slightest hint to prepare himself from Liz, the pinkette was quickly caught off guard as a large bundle of pink fabric suddenly collided with the middle of his chest. For some reason it just felt oddly unexpected, which was actually a little weird considering that Crona’s old roommate used to do that sort of thing all the time instead of just handing stuff over like other people did- and yet here he was, almost hitting the thing away from himself by accident as he fumbled to free his occupied hand away from his arm in order to catch it. Probably wasn’t the greatest start to an introduction someone would experience, but, oh well.

”..Thank you”.

After wiping away the leftover traces of water that had failed to join their lost brethren in the small puddles that stained the carpet below, the young pinkette carefully wrapped the towel around the rest of his body and pulled in the sides in an attempt to create an extra layer of warmth around himself. Even after only a few moments, he could see the towel darken in color as well as the two layers of fabric traded off water particles, leaving one fabric relieved of some of the burden while the other took brought a heavier weight onto itself. It was only when Liz spoke up again did Crona tear his gaze away from the darkening, daisy-covered pink below. That’s right, he still needed to actually ask her face-to-face.

Silent for but a moment, Crona let his gaze turn away from the woman once again, instead letting it come to rest on one of the cracks that chipped away at the wooden doorway before finally speaking up again.

"Well, actually,  I-I’ve been having a little trouble with one of the extra Psychology assignments from Professor Stein’s class for almost all of the break, and I-I really don’t think I’ll be able to finish all of on time if I keep trying to do it on my own".

While Crona continued to push forward into the main parts of his explanation- only pausing slightly between certain sentences to make sure that his voice was at a good level- the child slowly began to bring his arms back together into their usual one-hand arm hold below the towel. His now-only free hand gripped the two corners of the cloth below his neck to make sure that it would not be slipping off anytime soon, there was no need for any other useless distractions now that they were finally getting to the point.

"Since most of the other professors already went home for Thanksgiving, there isn’t a lot of other people left here that I can ask, and Professor Stein still hasn’t answered any of the emails I sent him yet…".

Finally, Crona lifted his head to face the other student once again; the look in Liz’s eyes was enough to bring a nervous trickle down the pinkette’s spine. He really hated how hard it was to tell what the other was thinking, the last thing he wanted to happen is to find out that he had been boring her the entire time like some kind of nuisance. 

"-I wasn’t really sure what to do, but then I heard that you used to take Psychology for a first year class, and that you were still here for Thanksgiving. I-I was going to send you an email about it first, but the school’s internet was already down because of the rain before I was able to send anything, and since there’s only a few days left before classes start again, I- ".

"Good afternoon".

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