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"G..Good afternoon".

"For some reason there’s a bunch of boxes outside my room filled with books and random school papers. There were a lot more of them too sitting right down the hall, but I’m not really sure why any of this is here at the moment".

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"Good morning".


『⚕』 —


                Ah, there you are, Crona. It’s been a while since your last
                  report — I was beginning to worry.❞

A calm voice, a sly tone, and the familiar feeling of hairs standing on end was all it took to instantly grasp the pink one’s attention away from any other event that was going on. 

Suddenly overpowered by the feeling of surprise that crept its way up the young one’s spine, Crona quickly turned his gaze over to the figure that had begun to slowly creepy its way into his peripheral line of sight. There she stood, after a long while of having no contact whatsoever, the horrible being that was his own mother was standing right beside him once more. The same golden-gaze that had once followed his movement was once again planted upon his soul, leaving behind yet another feeling of shock that was almost as bad as the one before.

"Lady… L-Lady Medusa…".


"-You’re here".


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Don't worry it's not bad. I only offered that much because I knew you'd be skeptical.



"… I guess if you say so…".

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If you watch it I'll give you a million dollars



"Hey, w..wait a minute, I couldn’t do that! I’m not even sure if I would want to watch it in the first place. I don’t even know what it’s about!".

"-What even is "Shrek", anyway?".